Figuring out my boundaries

I’ve had my facebook for almost seven years now, and most of that time has been filled with some quiet fear of what it means to have a social profile. In high school, people who posted suggestive photos or foul comments were called to the principal’s office and suspended. We were told, “potential colleges are going to see what you post.” And now after getting there, it’s my future jobs and internships I have to worry about. But I’m not really even sure what it is I’m supposed to be censoring anymore.

At this point, I’m 21 years old. I’m not passing out drunk at parties or getting in arguments on Facebook. I do, however, indulge like any other college student. I go out, have drinks and dance. I can’t imagine that any average adult thinks there is anything wrong with this. So why is it that I have some ridiculous fear that my future employers are going to reject me at the sight or sound of alcohol? The idea that I might be doing what every other college student is doing?

I think the problem is that when we were younger, no one told us about when our boundaries end. They just told us that we had them. And now that we’re growing up, it’s hard to figure out what exactly is okay to do at the cusp of adulthood. We feel like these boundaries no longer exist, yet we still feel an innate need to keep them.

I think it’s time to move past these arbitrary boundaries. We are old enough to stop having to pretend we don’t like to have fun and old enough for everything not to seem so “bad.”

So here it is. Here’s an image that would have “ruined my chances at college” but is maybe, just maybe okay now. Here’s what I’ve been monitoring with acute detail all these years. Here’s my Friday night:


2 thoughts on “Figuring out my boundaries

  1. Not sure how this would hurt a job app….but I’m not a corporate recruiter. I think the best bet is to keep FB boringly clean or have a separate page for personal stuff there.

    Setting one’s boundaries vis a vis work is challenging at any age, esp. in this economy.

    • Oh yes – I do agree. There really isn’t anything that could be incriminating on social media for me, but I think the line has always been drawn really low. They make you feel like you’re not even supposed to be a real person, even less so a college student.

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