Entering “professional”

I’m graduating in December. I think I’ve mentioned this before. This basically means that in the next nine months, I’ll be applying for graduate schools AND real world jobs. I’m not sure which one is going to come first, but I’ve got time to search out options and choose the best one. Hopefully, I can take some time off to do some temporary work and start graduate school (in London, hopefully) late next year.

Essentially, it’s time to get it together.

I’ve been applying for internships, which has involved changing my resume every other day and writing cover letter upon cover letter. It’s been a mix of marketing internships and LGBT activism internships, and hopefully I will start hearing back from them about interviews and such within the next few weeks. 

This has been a great learning period for me where I have gotten to teach myself some professional skills (with lots of guidance, of course) and feel like I’m constantly getting things accomplished. Today I built a basic professional website (not from coding, which I am attempting to start learning), which means I have been sitting on my bed all day and haven’t eaten a thing. I would like to go grocery shopping so I don’t have to order out so much, but the who knows how many inches of snow on the road right now are keeping me from doing that. I think I’m feeling Thai food.

Anyways, that’s essentially the reason I haven’t been updating much. I’ve just been doing lots of schoolwork, applications, and now I’ve got this website thing to work on. I went to an Alpha Phi date night over the weekend that got me out of Evanston for a little bit, which was really fun.


I also went bowling with Zeta. I guess I am basically either a recluse or a sorority girl’s dream man these days. I’m fine with either, depending on the day.


Well, if you haven’t clicked the hyperlink, you should check out my new website brennansuen.wix.com/home and tell me what you think. Hopefully I can find some more stuff to put in the portfolio section instead of random pictures, but I’ve got time. Portugal is coming up in a couple of weeks, so I’ve just gotta get through finals to get to paradise. Thanks for reading! 



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