Hold your own, know your name, and go your own way

Quite a bit has happened since I last updated, so I’ll give a quick rundown:

Saw Wicked with Mollie from Northwestern – always nice to have a familiar face to hang out with, and Wicked was amazing. It was really interesting to hear the whole show in British accents. Sexy.

Liz came to visit from Copenhagen for a few days, which was quite lovely. We started our time off at Borough Market, each getting some vegetarian Indian street food. As an avid foodie, I think Borough Market is my favorite place in London. The free samples of chocolate and vinegars and sausages, the goat’s milk ice cream (which sadly wasn’t there when we visited), and the variety of street food just make my heart, soul, and stomach collide in a joyous celebration of taste.

Liz and I hung around New Cross a bit that night (Sunday). The next morning, we woke up and got Dim Sum in Chinatown (making my daddy proud). We did the touristy free stuff – Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, etc. – and then took a wifi pit stop in the Tate Modern, where we were approached by chanting strangers and told interesting life stories. We ate dinner at an Indian restaurant in Soho called Masala Zone that was very nice and then made our way down the street to see Les Miserables. Even though I sat in the furthest corner of the highest balcony, it was a wonderful experience seeing one of my favorite shows on the West End. Sierra Burgess as Fantine, the Javert, and Danielle Hope as Eponine were highlights, as well as their extremely hot Marius (okay I just had to put that out there – I had to have something to make me smile in the nearly three hours of misery).

Liz and I then went to a club called Pacha by ourselves, stone sober and about an hour too early. We realized that we weren’t going to have any fun without drinking massively and acting stupid – ten double vodka red bulls and 25 pictures with random strangers later, we were having the time of our lives. I guarantee no one in that club had as much fun as we did. We even got the DJ to put on “Gangnam Style” for us before we peaced out.

The next day, we went to Camden Market, where I had two of the most delicious macaroons I have ever eaten in my life. We stumbled upon the lock and walked along the water to Regent’s Park, which I swear has been in some movie or at least my dreams. The golden trees lining the long path were something special. From there, we headed back to New Cross so I could go to boring class. We ate Mexican food in Greenwich, which is a place I’d like to explore further.

The following weekend I went to Scotland, which is the most beautiful place in the world. I swear I want to have my honeymoon there. The highlands are incredible, especially in autumn, and even though most of the trip was just driving around in a coach, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Tanya and I met some cool girls, and I got lectured on substance abuse by this girl who went on to tell me that I “don’t dress like a gay person” and that she “didn’t realize that there were different kinds.” Hilarious characters you meet around the world. I’m going to have to upload all my pictures so you can understand how gorgeous Scotland is.


Tanya and me at Stirling Castle.



Tanya and me in the Highlands!


Me and Hamish, the Highland cow!!!

I skyped home a lot this week, which was nice. Talked to Jonny, Addi, Harriett, Christa, Laura Ann, and dear old mommy through the course of a few days. Studying abroad isn’t always easy – the hard, shitty, lonely times are just as much a wonderful part of the growing experience as all the drinking, partying, adventuring, and fun. It’s been surprisingly a roller coaster of a time here, but I’m starting to figure out who I am, who I want to be, and who I don’t want to be. Having such good friends at home to be with me, in a sense, on this journey has been really lovely.

Three of my American friends and I went to Shoreditch for Thai food this week as well. I’m absolutely in love with the area and will certainly be eating there again. There were some hip restaurants (yo).

Tomorrow, I head to Barcelona, Berlin, Rome and Florence for the week with my British friend Sophia and some other friends. It’s going to be a crazy good time, if we can manage to catch all of our flights and not end up in Asia or something.

I know it was a wordy post with a lot of information, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of emotional, life-changing words to say when I get back from holiday. I was pretty homesick this week, but I’m feeling good now. Ready to take on Europe.

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