Cool down

Things are finally starting to wind down (I may be saying this a little preemptively – it’s the weekend before class starts), which is nice. Freshers week absolutely put Wildcat Welcome to shame. They really don’t ever stop here.

We went to the “loudest club in England” on Sunday – a definite highlight of my time here. It was absolutely amazing, and I discovered a newfound love for Jager bombs there… It’s also refreshing going to clubs here, because no matter how crazy or wild you get there, they’re not near as gross as dance floors in the states. No one really grinds on each other, which lets everyone have fun as a group. It’s a lot less pressure and a lot less grimy.

I went sightseeing again yesterday with some American friends, which was nice aside from getting hella lost near Hyde Park. We had some delicious times in Burrough Market, which is an absolute must see if you ever make your way to Londontown. We cooled down with a jug of sangria, and I had an early, chill night last night.

It’s nice to finally get some alone time here – as much as I love going out and hanging out with people constantly, sometimes you just gotta sit and stare at the ceiling. I’m going to start planning some European excursions soon, but I’ve realized I’m going to want to stay here for a few weekends too.

I’ve really gotten close to my flat as well, who are like a big international family. We’ve got Americans, a Bulgarian, a Lebanese, a Portuguese, a Norwegian, and some Brits. It’s nice to come home to at the end of the day.

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